Storifying the Budget Plan

The nation’s budget is always a topic of debate and criticism. President Obama’s new proposal attracted a lot of praise but also some scathing opposition. By using Storify, I tried to pull together stories and opinions from social networks to frame the overall opinion of the budget. With so many angles to cover, this gave me the opportunity to pull video and links to other stories to help round out the story.

Starting with the actual budget itself, the story segued from supporters to opposition and ended with points in the budget that weren’t as publicized. Using gave me the ability to encompass the entire issue by using social networks. On both sides of the issue, there are passionate tweets and posts that help give perspective to the issue. By littering the story with these personal opinions, it helps give a real feel.

Storify is another tool that can help create stories in an entirely new format. It could eliminate the need to search for sources or even story ideas. The way technology and the media are heading, this or anything similar, will be the future of journalism. It shouldn’t eliminate a journalist’s obligation to check sources and accuracy of information. It should be used more as a tool to add to a story.


[View the story “Obama’s Budget Plan” on Storify]


One thought on “Storifying the Budget Plan

  1. Kyle says:

    Good job! I liked your Storify story.

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